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Svcard Métal
Svcard Métal
Svcard Métal
Svcard Métal
Svcard Métal
Svcard Métal

SVCard in METAL Hybrid

Transfer your information in one step:

  • A trade show? A link to the URL of your choice
  • An event? An Instagram page
  • A new product? A video on youtube
  • Your profil? Linkedin

Or, of course, for the daily newspaper your business card with the information you want:

  • Photo, Name, First name, Address, Phone, Position, Mail, Twitter, etc….

Thanks to the SVCard, be more visible, develop your presence on social networks and share your links with your prospects and customers in one click!

SVCard in Metal
SVCard in Metal

Your SVCard in Hybrid Metal is a customizable card!

We can customize your SVCard in Hybrid Metal to your image, it will faithfully respect your graphic chart.
The SVCard in Hybrid Metal can be customized:

  • The front side can be printed in Silver
  • The printing on the back is in Laser engraving (rendering is in Silver)

Before printing your SVCard in Metal, you will receive a print order to validate the printing.
Simply send us your logo or your graphic design.

Svcard laser engraving metal
Svcard secure entry area

Customize your standard SVCard

As soon as you receive your SVCard in Hybrid Metal, you have the possibility to completely customize your contact form online.
You will have access to a secure area to log in to manage your SVCard in Hybrid Metal.
No limit in the modifications, you can change all the information as you like.

How does it work?

Very easy to use

A simple gesture to exchange your data

No need for an application, the Svcard works with 99% of smartphones.
The Svcard is used in two ways.
Either by NFC or/and QR code technology.

NFC technology
  • Approach your SVCard to your contact’s mobile.
  • Your contact opens the notification.

That’s it, your data is transmitted!

By the QR code
  • Your contact person scans the QR code on the back of your Svcard.
  • Your contact opens the notification.

That’s it, your data is transmitted!

If you need more information our FAQ section is at your disposal or you can also contact us at +33 1 41 16 39 60 or via contact us.

Svcard connection

Creating your information to be transmitted through the secure user interface.

Update your data without limit through the secure user interface.

S hare your data without limits and take full advantage of contactless technology.

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