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How does the Svcard work?

The SVCard is equipped with NFC technology.
The SVCard communicates with smartphones and sends information without contact.
For smartphones not equipped with NFC, the QR code takes over.

Is there a need for an application for the Svcard?

But no need for an application, the SVCard uses the native features of Apple or Android smartphones.

Is the Svcard secure?

Yes, the data on your SVCard are secured and stored on our secure servers in France at OVH, the French and European leader of the Cloud.

Can I update my information?

Yes of course, you have your own secure space and you can modify your information at will and without limit.

What about printing my logo on my Svcard?

Don’t panic, we offer you 2 solutions:

  • Either we can provide you with templates and you can provide us with your creation
  • Or simply send us your logo and we will take care of the rest.


SVCard NFC in White PVC
SVCard in PVC
SVCard NFC in Cherry Wood
SVCard in WOOD
SVCard NFC Metal Black silver

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